Announcing Librarians' Choice Top 10 February 2017

February's Librarians' Choice Favourite is:



by Glenna Thomson

Blueberry by Glenna Thomson is a heart-warming debut novel about people and the choices they make, heartache and the hope of making of starting over. The premise for the story is a brave young woman wanting to change her life, and not entirely sure how to do so. The narrative gives great insight into the complex layers of generational love with the young daughter that Greer needs to spend time with, and the elderly man Charlie, that she grows to love. It's a captivating story told exceptionally well with the characters, locations, and emotions all depicted with warmth, depth, and richness - Susan

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Dawn Study

 by Maria V. Snyder


Empire (Cartel #3)

by Lili St Germain


On Second Thought

by Kristan Higgins


The Florentine Bridge

by Vanessa Carnevale


To the Sea

by Christina Dibley


Under Pressure

by Lori Foster


Little Deaths

by Emma Flint


The Capsule Wardrobe

by Wendy Mak


Police at the station and they don't look friendly (Sean Duffy 6)

by Adrian McKinty