Announcing Librarians' Choice Top 10 March 2019

The March 2019 Librarians' Choice Favourite is:

The Rip

by Mark Brandi

With his debut novel Wimmera, Mark Brandi established himself as one of Australia's most exciting new voices. 
The Rip is an urban crime novel with beautifully complicated characters. 

Librarians Choice Sticker.png


The Scholar

 by Dervla McTiernan



by Peggy Frew


The Things We Cannot Say

by Kelly Rimmer


The Woman from Saint Germain

by J.R. Lonie


What I Like About Me

by Jenna Guillaume


The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone

by Felicity McLean


The Hollow Bones

by Leah Kaminsky


Hare’s Fur

by Trevor Shearston


Star Crossed

by Minnie Darke