Get Involved: Tips for voting & writing reviews

  • All genres and subjects of adult books - both fiction and non-fiction, can be nominated. Currently, Librarians' Choice is only for adult titles.

  • Each month’s list will be made up of titles that are newly published that month. Please submit nominations as far in advance of publication as is possible and practical. 

  • Read in any format you like – paper or digital – but please submit all your reviews via Vote Now on our website or NetGalley.

  • We are especially interested in hearing your take on forthcoming titles that haven’t been widely reviewed yet, and the ones where the buzz is just beginning to spread. You could help discover the next bestseller!

  •  It's great to nominate as many titles as you like each month. Don't have time to write a review? No problem! Reviews are appreciated, but not required in order to nominate a title for Librarians' Choice.

  • When writing a review, use your own voice and write conversationally as though you were talking about a favourite title with a friend. 

  • Think of what sort of reader would enjoy each book, and describe its appeal so that they can find it. What is special about this book? What other authors or experiences are similar?

  • Help spread the word at your library about Librarians' Choice and encourage your colleagues to participate.

  • All genres and subject categories of adult books are welcome, both fiction and non-fiction. to Currently, Librarians' Choice is only for adult titles, and Young Adult titles that appeal to adult readers.